Tucson-based Zinatt Technologies Inc. is best known for its state-of-the-art Quick Tracking
Information System (QTIS) software for use by law enforcement investigators. But in early
2020, the company garnered attention by offering its software – for free – to healthcare
professionals, public health officials, and medical researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
That was followed by the announcement that Zinatt’s QTIS software had also been adapted for
use by political organizations and campaigns, replacing cumbersome spreadsheets and making it
easier to analyze voter data and outreach efforts.

Now, Zinatt officials are focusing once again on the company’s law enforcement roots by hitting
the road to demonstrate QTIS to detectives and investigators across the country at a series of
conferences during the first half of 2023. Those events include:

  • Georgia Sheriff Winter Conference – Jan 9-11
  • Arizona Narcotics Conference – Jan 19
  • Florida Sheriff Winter Conference – Jan 22-25
  • National Sheriff Winter Technology Expo – Feb 4-7
  • National Narcotics Officer Association – Feb 6-8
  • Indiana Drug Enforcement Association – Feb 15-17
  • ROCIC Gang & Narcotics Spring Conference – March 12-15
  • National Interdiction Conference – March 26-31
  • NADDI Arizona Chapter Conference – March 29
  • Texas Police Chief Association – April 2-6
  • NADDI National Healthcare Diversion Summit – April 17-18
  • IALEIA Intelligence Analyst – May 1-5
  • Border Security Expo – May 10-11
  • New Jersey Narcotics Officers Association – June 12-16
  • National Sheriff Association – June 26-29
  • Police Security Expo – June 27-28

Zinatt’s founder, Gabriel Reina, experienced firsthand the shortcomings of many cookie cutter
information tracking programs through his work as an analytical linguist for a federal law
enforcement agency. It prompted him to undertake the design of a user-friendly software with
the features and adaptability necessary to be more effective.

“I would be so frustrated during my shift, working with a difficult and ineffective system,” he
recalls. “It was an escape to get home and see if I could build the perfect system.”
The company rolled out its first software system in 2016 for use by a drug task force in Georgia.
Since then, QTIS has been displayed to dozens of local, county, state, and federal law
enforcement agencies nationwide.

Most of those departments and agencies have their own record management system, which is
often part of a dispatch center program. QTIS augments those often limited systems by offering
an innovative, flexible way for detectives and investigators to track case information, according
to Reina.

“The flexibility we built into Qtis is our largest strength – to be able to customize a computer
system for a customer with virtually no programming required allows Qtis to adapt to your
business quickly and affordably,” Reina says.

To arrange a demonstration of QTIS or schedule an interview with Reina please call 520-838-
0346 or make contact via Zinatt’s website here.

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