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Provide our clients with innovative, data driven technology that will solve problems in their day to day operations and improve their bottom line. We are passionate about solving problems and helping our clients overcome challenges to make sure our law enforcement agencies have the technology they need to do their job and keep our communities safe.


We saw a need for investigation management software that is available to all Law Enforcement agencies. At first our Founder saw the need law enforcement had in their investigations. Qtis now fills the need many of us have in managing data in a few other sectors. Qtis makes day to day operations more efficient by reducing errors in data and lowering costs of labor intensive responsibilities organizations encounter trying to manage their data. Ultimately, our technology empowers data users and provides outcomes that positively make a difference.


Gabriel Reina is Founder and CEO of Zinatt Technologies Inc. Gabriel brings first hand Title III experience working as an Analytical Linguist. Gabriel worked since 2010 as an analytical linguist for state and federal government agencies in Arizona. While working in the industry Gabriel saw a need for a better way of tracking case data and began to develop an investigation management software solution that is now known as Qtis which stands for Quick Tracking Information System.

Qtis is a flexible software solution that has now been adapted to a number of different industries. The platform is a proven organizational tool for investigators and analyst while conducting investigations. Qtis has helped investigators in several different levels of government and to this day continues to help solve and manage cases in a more effective manner.

“To this day we find that many agencies are using outdated systems and methods like spreadsheets and notepads to store and organize their case intel. We have modernized the process and now provide a twenty first century software solution to all those investigators that need a more efficeint way of catching the bad actors in our communities.” – Gabriel Reina | Founder & CEO

Our system end users can collaborate seamlessly from the same portal and have all their data in one secure centralized location. While we are cloud based we can also do on premise installations if our clients need their technology within their four walls.

“I’d say Qtis is like a virtual white board.”

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Zinatt Technologies Started
May 2015

Our Start

Founders Gabriel Reina and Tom Hershberger started Zinatt Technologies Inc based out of Tucson Arizona. The vision was Qtis (Quick Tracking Information System) for Law Enforcement.

First Version of Qtis Released
June 2016

Qtis was Released

First implementation of Qtis was in Georgia with a multijurisdictional Drug Task Force.

New Version – Dynamic Outcome

Rewrite of Qtis

We had a vision for a more flexible, adaptable system that could easily be modified to help our clients be more efficient.

Qtis was rewritten in its entirety so it could be easily modified not just to law enforcement but other industries that struggled managing data.

New Version Released
January 2020

Qtis Premium Release

New and improved more flexible than ever Qtis Premium was released.

Political Campaigns
August 2020

Qtis Political

Qtis was used by Political Candidates in Arizona for the November 2020 elections.

September 2020


Patent 1 out of 5 pending patents was awarded

Private Investigations
November 2021

Qtis Client Portal

Qtis was tailored to Private Investigators conducting investigations in the private sector. By adding a clocking system users can keep track of their time for each case individually making invoicing easier. The changes also including sharing files externally with non-users.

Security Accreditations
2022 – 2023

SOC 2 Type II Certified

Along with receiving SOC 2 Type II certification Zinatt also received its HIPAA Compliant Report.

June 2023

Second US Patent Awarded

Patent 2 out of 5 pending patents was awarded

Although we now have multiple use case versions of Qtis we only list a few of the use cases under our Use Case tab. Please inquire with our sales team if you would like a demo of any of our other use cases listed above.

You can inquire by emailing us at sales@zinatt.com