Why pick us as your data management software solution provider?

We Customize

We support the way you do business. We all have our own processes and we can tailor to yours keeping cost down.

We Know You Better

We do it better because we know you better. We understand your pain points. We know data.

We do Software

We are a software company. Software is what we do and we are here to help you be successful.

We Solve Problems

We are problem solvers and want to help you solve your data headaches.

Our Technology is Patented




We don’t expect you to mold your business to our software. We adapt to the way you do business.

Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard Analytics
Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Create full analyses of your data from your dashboard.

Concurrent Users

Concurrent User Pricing
You don’t pay per seat or user. You pay for how many users you want logged in at the same time.

Audit Trail

System Wide Audit Trail
Be in the know of what all your users are doing at all times.

Link Analysis

Link Analysis

See how your data points are connected. Easy to use Link Analysis capabilities are made available.


Role Based Security
Create as many roles as you need for your organization. Allow your users to view, edit and delete data based on their role.

2 Step

2 Step Authentication Security
Security is important to us and it should be for you too! Access should be limited to only verified users.

Drill Down

Data Drill Down
Further explore how your data points are connected with a built-in drill down function that allows you to look deeper into the data.


Internal Shared Calendar
Keeping your entire work force up to speed with critical events is crucial to any organization. Monthly, weekly and daily views are available.

Work Space

Flexible Work Space
You deserve to view your data in a way that is convenient to you. There are four different layout options to view your data.

Maps 2

Mapping Capabilities
Map your addresses with a click of a button from within your data sets. No need to open additional browsers we’ve made it easy!


Internal Chat
Staying in touch with others on your team is now made possible with our internal Chat feature.

Upload Files

Upload Video, Audio and Photos

Uploading audio files, video files and images is easy because we support ALL file formats.

Cloud Hosting

Secure Cloud Hosting
Hosting your data is now easier than ever. We offer AWS Government Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Azure Government Cloud.

Time Sheets

Time Sheets
Users can clock in and clock out during their shifts. Users can also track expenses and billable services while on shift. Time sheets make it easy to pay your work force.

Client Billing

Client Billing
Billing clients is now available in Qtis Premium. Track services, expenses, mileage and your time all from within your app.



We have a 100% Responsive Design – meaning no matter what device we will adjust and give you the same capabilities you have on your desktop browser! Take Qtis on the road and access your data from anywhere anytime.


We can also integrate into other systems!