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    It is imperative for investigators, detectives, and law enforcement teams to have the right technology in place for storing critical case information. Records, documents, and files must all be captured and stored securely in a shared data repository. Additionally, the ideal technology should make analyzing that data and collaborating in
  • The country that has invested the most money in technology can vary depending on the time period being considered and the specific area of technology being examined. However, in recent years, the United States and China have been the top two countries in terms of overall investment in technology. In
  • Cold cases are unsolved criminal investigations that remain open for extended periods of time, often years or decades. Here are some interesting facts about cold cases: Cold cases can be solved: Even though cold cases may have gone unsolved for many years, advances in forensic science and technology have led
  • Small law enforcement agencies that are understaffed may have to take several steps to cope with their resource limitations. Some of the strategies that they may use include: Prioritizing resources: Law enforcement agencies may need to focus their limited resources on the most important tasks and responsibilities. This could mean
  • Each generation has its unique strengths and challenges when it comes to adapting to technology and change. It is difficult to generalize which generation has adapted the best since it varies based on individual circumstances and experiences. However, it is worth noting that younger generations such as Generation Z and
  • Criminal trends can change quite frequently as criminal activities and tactics are constantly evolving. Criminals are often quick to adapt to changes in law enforcement, technology, and other factors that can impact their operations, which can lead to rapid shifts in criminal trends. For example, with the rise of online
  • When law enforcement agencies are looking to buy technology for their departments, there are several factors they should consider to ensure they are making the best possible investment. Here are some key considerations: Usability: Law enforcement officers need technology that is easy to use, especially in high-pressure situations. The technology

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