Zinatt Technologies Inc Support Services are provided via phone, e-mail or virtual meeting. For any low impact issues, the virtual conferencing or email are the preferred method of communication. For all critical issues, telephone or email are the preferred method of communication.

When contacting technical support via email, include “Technical Support – HELP” in the subject line for minor technical issues or “Technical Support – HIGH” for major and critical issues.

Technical Support is available 24/7 – for select accounts

Phone: 520.838.0346
Email: support@zinatt.com

Our clients can also reach us via our Zinatt website chatbot anytime.

Our clients can expect a slight delay on responsiveness on Federal Holidays such as:

  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Presidents Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Severity Categories

SEV 0CRITICAL: Client’s system is experiencing a severe error that prevents the client from being able to complete any work.

SEV 1URGENT: A significant error exists, but a workaround has been identified or the affected issue is not time sensitive.

SEV 2HELP: System is available but has performance issues that are not in line with the business specifications and contractual agreement. Service is providing a delay in one way or another to client’s business processes.

SEV 3 LOW: System is available but has issues and even though it does not affect client’s business operations it needs attention.

Category Time Scales

CRITICAL – 60 minutes or less for call back – 12 hours or less for resolution

URGENT – 4 hours or less for call back – 24 hours or less for resolution

HELP – 1 business day or less for call back – 4 days or less for resolution

LOW – 2 business days or less for a call back – 7 days or less for resolution

Levels of Support

Level 1: Normal Business Hours by calling 520.838.0346

Level 2: Account Manager by emailing or calling them directly

Level 3: IT Support Staff will be contacted by Account Manager for assistance

Software Maintenance and Notices

Zinatt Technologies will ensure that a notification is posted 48 hours prior to a system update on client’s dashboard. Details about the update will be posted along with estimated number of hours the system is scheduled to be down.

Notifications via email and Dashboard will include:

  • Documentation for new releases which will include features and functionalities which will be enhanced with the update
  • List of bug fixes and instructions on configurations or installation instruction if any needed at the time after the update has been completed.

Terms Definitions

Call Back: a telephone call made to return a call received.

Time Scales: time allowed for or taken by a process or sequence of events.

Severity Category: how critical an inquiry or event is based on a scale of impact.