V 1.27 11.15.21 (Released November 15, 2021)

New Features:
– Single Save of Child records.
– File: Preview & Download
– File Bubble Count
– Restrict Designer Access by IP
– Encrypted Configuration

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– Clock IN/OUT Feature.
– Client Billing.
– Styling Changes.
– Chat Styling.
– Global Search.
– Updated Icons.
– Help Links are updated.
– Removed – Qtis Webinars and Meta Identifier link from help.
– Removed- Forms manager from Administrator.
– Permissions updates.

Known issues:
– Permissions issue.
– Importer issues.
– Global search- is not working for some of the modules. (Case report, Case file, timesheet and template module)
– On Dashboard- Upcoming calendar event on Dashboard – Is not showing up every time, It is only showing when user logged in for the first time.

Tenant specific deployments:
– Clock IN feature and timesheet module.
– Client Billing module.
– Added Getting Started and FAQ link in Help.
– Added Exhibits and Emails for under Case Files.
– Added the Bulletins Form under Administrator.