Qtis has been called a case management solution; however, we prefer to refer to our product as a investigation management solution.

Case management is assumed to have workflow and task management capabilities, and while we are working on adding those capabilities, Qtis doesn’t yet have those features implemented.

Investigation management better describes what Qtis does – providing a system to enter and import a wide variety of information in a way which encourages collaboration. Qtis makes it easier to share, search, secure, and connect the dots in the information organizations are gathering.

Since investigation management can be so wide ranging and involve so many caveats in the data being collected, the form of the data collected, and how the information is interrelated, you need a system with a great deal of flexibility. The true strength of Qtis comes from its flexibility – adapting to what you do and how you do it instead of asking you to drastically change your processes.

Your organization might need case management, and in that case, keep us in mind because we will soon have that capability also. However, if you need a place to store information that might be currently stored in spreadsheets, sticky notes, white board, etc – we have a solution you should check out today.

We offer a 15 day free trial of Qtis which can be easily rolled into a production environment for your organization.

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