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6 Main Components of Qtis

  1. Control Panel
  2. Forms
  3. Resources
  4. Upcoming Events
  5. Chat
  6. Work Space

ControlPanel Qtis 2

Control Panel – The panel allows users to switch between 5 screen views. Users can increase their screen size view of all 5 items listed within the panel.

Administrator will only display for those who have Administrator access.

Forms Qtis 2

Forms – Qtis has 28 built in forms that are ready to use.

While our Standard Version of Qtis does not allow users to customize these forms this feature is available in our Premium Version of Qtis.

We have compiled most commonly used forms by investigators while conducting a Title III investigation.

Our forms in Standard are ideal for your next wiretap investigation.

User friendly and allows for a collaborative environment for small and big departments putting investigations together.

Resources Qtis 2

Resources – Qtis has built in Resources that increases efficiency for investigators. Some of these options are links to open sources and some of the options are tables where investigators can access built in data such as Bank Routing Numbers and Airport Codes.

We have built our resources around the most common links investigators use during an investigation. If you have a preferred link for any of these resources this is something we can customize for your office.

UpcomingEvents Qtis 2

Upcoming Events – All calendar events will be displayed here as long as they are in the future.

The user experience of having important dates at your fingertips has never been so easy.

Keep your entire team informed of all future events.

Events are manually entered by end users or reminders are automatically created from forms that have future events.

Chat Qtis 2

Chat – Internal messaging makes collaboration easier and more efficient between all involved.

By default messages disappear after 24 hours. Messages can be archived and stored to case files as an option.

Messaging a colleague internally safely makes it easier especially when you find yourself in a room saturated with headphone users and communicating is not the easiest.


Work Space – will display the forms you select. This will allow users to have up to 3 forms opened at once. Users can also view their forms in a vertical setup or a horizontal view. We kept you in mind and wanted to make sure you had options for efficiency.


Through our IBM Partnership our clients can analyze their data within the i2 Analyst Notebook platform.

Data within Qtis can be extracted to i2 Analyst Notebook through our i2 Connect that is available to any existing i2 Clients.


Client can then bring charts back into Qtis after they have analyzed the data that was stored in Qtis.


If you don’t already have i2 Analyst Notebook you can talk to one of our Client Engineers and they would be happy to help you.

The simultaneous purchase of Qtis and i2 Analyst Notebook is possible!

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What are the steps to Trial Qtis?

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Give us a call and one of our Client Engineers will help you through our trialling process. We too want to make sure our system is a good fit for your needs before you make the purchase. Trial periods are set on a case by case scenario.


What are the steps to Purchase Qtis?

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