PI Pricing
Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard Analytics
Fully customizable dashboards that tell you what you need to know without having to go through your data.

Concurrent Users

Concurrent User Pricing You have access to an UNLIMITED amount of users and cases. You only pay for the number of users that need to access the system at the same time.


Two-step Authentication for all users. Data encryption every step of the way.

Upload Files

Upload Files Replace any storage service with Qtis and keep it all in one place. You can store all your images, audio files and video files within your Qtis portal.


Customizable Have you heard of a company that will customize to your needs within days? You have now. We can do it for you, we can adapt to your processes.

Maps 2

Map Addresses Users can quickly map addresses in Qtis with a click of a button. We created features like this with you in mind. The less clicking the better.

Link Analysis

Link Analysis You can see how your data points are connected both through implicit and explicit connections. You can even make those connection manually yourself and add notes as you go.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting Cloud hosting offered on AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud and IBM Cloud.


Shared Calendar Events You can share court dates, deadlines, client meetings and more with the internal calendar.


Internal Chat You can chat with any of your colleagues in a secure platform without having to worry about your privacy.

Time Sheets

Time Sheets & Client Billing GPS coordinates, device information and more critical information about your user’s activity. Everything you need to know on your time sheets.


I like QTIS because it’s my investigation portal where I have everything I need

Private Investigator

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