V 1.39 09.30.22 (Released September 30, 2022)

– Loader spinning issue is fixed under address form when connections are changed from implicit to explicit.
– Note sections under all forms is fixed so when user edits a note, the author title will not be duplicated.
– Fixed the usability issue under left menu where user won’t have to click twice to pull the menu up.
– Removed checkbox from the list under user activity log and audit trail.
– The right side calendar menu option will collapse when user changes the cases from case dropdown.

Task Management Fixes
– Status drop down under task grid will show all status values from master only.
– Warning message is provided when user is trying to add subtask without adding parent task.
– Warning message is provided when user clicks on file count on the subtask without saving the parent form.
– Start date and due date grid level search is working now.
– Added ‘Category’ field under slide out panel.
– Task status dropdown is now showing correct values.

– On successful file upload, the alert popup will not be displayed.
– At the time of new case creation, it will show ‘+’ when editing the case it will show a pencil.
– Styling changes done on top bar menu icons (Changed color from purple to black on all top bar icons except for Clock In / Clock Out icons)
– Exclamation mark in settings icon on releasing new version.

Task Management Enhancements
– Added a ‘Category’ column under task grid.

V 1.38 09.23.22 (Released September 23, 2022)

– In add connection popup user is no longer seeing a white screen.
– While in edit parent form mode, if user tries to upload file and tries to edit the same then it shows correct File type, Description, File Name.
– Bulletin is showing correct data based on case selection now.
– Transaction form: Fixed the error message ‘Please enter some data’ while updating the form with correct fields.
– All forms are showing correct data under audit trail.
– Phone Numbers Form: Data loading issue is fixed when clicking on ‘Arrest Phone’ from the bubble.
– If currency is selected it will show a Dollar ($) sign in front of the amount text field.
– Grids adjusting issue is fixed.
– Column expansion causes auto-sort in drill down list is fixed.
– Setup password email: Fixed the validation message when the user is trying to set a password.

– Connections: Added label ‘Sort: Last Updated Date’
– Role management permission: All modules are expandable now.
– IOI form: Validations for subtypes fields are now available.
– When record is selected in the grid, the entire row will get highlighted.
– When a user adjusts the column width and they click on the column to resort ascending or descending it will persist the column widths.
– Notifications are in order of occurrence. Most recent on top of the screen.
– Role Management: Calendar – Import Set ID is removed in Calendar under permissions.

Importer Enhancements
– When the user deletes the mapping, the highlight gets updated under import mapper.
– Import task: Removed Add, Edit and Import functionality menu.
– Role management: Removed Import functionality.
– Vehicles: Registered Owner & Driver/Pilot blank data import issue is fixed.

Task Management
– Status appearing consistently under task grid and task popup.
– Fixed Server error issue under file upload section.
– Task reminders are working properly now.

V 1.37 09.16.22 (Released September 16, 2022)

Fixes & Enhancements
– Vehicle Form: Add new organization popup is showing input fields.
– Chat: In case dropdown down and in the left panel of chat, Cases and users are displayed as expected.
– While creating new record fixed the error of displaying “File upload in progress’ prompt.
– Changed Password Message: Header: Password Changed. Text: Your password has been changed successfully.
– Administrator menu child will not be empty while creating a user/tenant.
– Fixed Bulletin Styling.
– Calendar permission are now working.
– Calendar is working as expected.
– Tenant Automation: Content Form Updates in Tenant Automation Script.
– All forms:  Forms display issue is fixed in left menu as well as in dashboard analytics as well as per case and permissions set, enabled form role management.
– Eyeball icon is placed where ever password fields are there under social accounts, people (Email) forms.
– People form: When we open organization details, view form, organization child through, the cross mark is working.
– Content: File name shows with some diff. characters on record update is now fixed.
– Files child embed: Error popup is fixed when user skip to add file type & description and save record.
– People form: Import is working and no blank data is displayed on grid, when user select any of subtype (Names mentioned/Player involved/Target info).
– Performance issue fixed: When saving a form.

– The connections delete issue is fixed.
– In Add connection pop-up:  In Cases module records will be getting displayed correctly.
– Permission issues fixed.
– Main tenant and sub tenant: Top Menu _In connections, it will show only case specific forms which is selected in that case under case management.
– Numerical field issues are fixed.
– Home page: In Shift log section correct data is getting displayed in the any designs which are set by the user.

– File import map: Edit functionality is removed for imported map file.
– From Source Type to Source Tab order is functioning.
– When adding weapon type from Typeahead, the dropdown for field weapon model is working.
– Private Travels Form: ‘Source No’ is removed.
– Notification: Clear ALL notification is working.
– The field Date Closed will not accept the date before the date of Date Opened.
– Slide panel is opening for each connected entity in the connection diagram on Single click on nodes in the network diagram.
– On Calendar and Form:  Repeat count, Interval counts, Cost, Quantity number will be displayed  left side in the box.
– Admin and Tenant app: when user delete any record and click on Pagination arrow ‘>’ then next records will be displayed correctly.
– Global Search is functioning.
– Column resize is working in the grid.
– The link that is sent to password reset is now time sensitive and limited to one use.
Task Management
Earlier uploaded files are persisting when Status field is modified after file upload
Renamed ‘Tasks’ and ‘Assignments’
When on HOME dashboard the task will list the case number to the right of Task Title
Task popup UI issues fixed
Server error is fixed on ‘GG100841′,’ GA100826′ tenant while add task with file upload
If file is added under subtask, then sub task child embed will be updated with file count
Status updated under task widget will persist after navigation to Dashboard
Task grid and Task popup: Once status is updated to ‘Completed’ then ‘%’ will be automatically    set to ‘100%’ and is editable
Task Form: Label is renamed to Sub Task to child tasks
Task bulk delete option is enabled
Global level search is functioning
Grid level search is functioning
Added icons for subtasks
Task Grid, Task popup have editable dropdowns
Task sections will be displayed in collapsed state when there are no task listed under task popup
Added bubble count on task tabs and sections in task popup
Added tooltip on task tabs in task grid
Task widget enhancements: Case Number included, % Completed- graphical icon added
When tasks are updated in task popup, it will display in popup itself without user to refresh it    Manually
Deployment to Subtenant ‘DEMO’
Edit sub task is functioning
Edit task form: Files field will not show html tags

V 1.37 09.09.22 (Released September 9, 2022)

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– Bulletin styling is fixed
– Calendar permission is working
– Calendar is now working
– Placement of eyeball wherever password fields are there under social accounts, people (Email) and login forms.
– People form: ‘X’ button is working when user open organization details view from, organization child through people form.
– Transaction form:  Error ‘”Please enter some data” fixed while editing the existing detail and updating bank transfer subtype.
– In form level audit trail fixed random text data issue under files.
– Role management permission: All the modules are now expandable.
– Connection delete issue is fixed.
– Connection of child count issue is fixed.
– Permission issues are fixed
– Top Menu :In connections it will show only case specific forms which is selected in that case under case management.
– If currency is selected it is showing USD in front of the amount instead of the dollar sign is fixed.
– All forms: From source type to source tab order is now working.
– When adding weapon type from Typeahead, the dropdown for field weapon model is now working.
– Private travels form: Source no removed from slide out panel.
– Accounts Form: The field date closed will not accept the date before the date of date opened
– Calendar and Form – Repeat count, Interval counts, Cost, Quantity number are displayed left side in the box
– Column expansion causes auto-sort in the drill down list is now fixed.

V 1.36 08.30.22 (Released August 30, 2022)

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– Drill down is functioning for records.
– Errors fixed under lists data models.
– Duplicates removed from master app.
– All forms : Permissions are working for forms.
– Ability to update file description in file edit mode.
– When unit of measure is updated from masters it will reflect on dashboard widget.
– All the amount fields in all subtypes will accept ‘ .00 ‘ when the user enters in same format.
– Address Form: Tabbing off text fields is working.
– Record level audit trail will be recording alias.
– Performance under ‘Case Audit Log’ is improved while data loading.
– Roles : Though deleted from People, it will not show on grid and hence the hover. 
– Audit Trail or the User Activity log if the account was accessed using LOGIN AS: ( Proxy ) text is added along with action name now in audit log.

– Import Address: Occupant access type and Access type descriptions import issue is fixed.
– When we import in Warrants form the text “ARREST WARRANT” and “RENEWABLE” are showing in correct case format in grid as well as in home page upcoming events.

Task Management
– Clicking on ‘X’ or ‘Close with Discard Changes’ will close the window successfully.
– On Task update with Note, server error is fixed and task will be displayed in grid.
– Task assigned to user with future date will be shown under ‘Future’ and not under ‘Overdue’ section.
– Task assignment is working between users.
Slide Out Panel
– People  form: First Call or Message Source Type and First Call or Message Source displays in single line under slide out panel.
– IOI form: Form fields displays in single line under Sub Type Vehicle and Drug.
– Vehicle form: Form fields are arranged in single line.

V 1.31 07.29.22 (Released July 29, 2022)

New Features:
Slide Out Panel:
– Identify the Prime record on a slide out panel with a blue border.
– Header added as <Form Name>: <Label>.

Implemented enhancements
Email information:
– Updated Button UI in email notification.
– Updated phone number & Added Terms & condition.

Task Management:
– Added new menu in left panel as ’Task’.

Email information:
– Updated button UI in email notification.
– Updated phone number & added Terms & Conditions.
– Added eyeball on login screen under password field.

MyQtis All subtenants:
– Added eyeball on login screen under password field.
Fixes/ Enhancement:
Slide Out Panel:
– Fixed text formatting issues and button alignment UI issues.
– Removed hand cursor on file icon.
– Commercial Travel form, Travel Type & Purpose of Trip- In slide out panel fixed UI issues.
– Package tracking form: For content section in slide our panel, full width space issues is fixed.
– Package tracking form: For sender and receivers Organization details are fixed  with proper line breaks.
– Correspondence form -TO & FROM section: line breaks are fixed.
– Arrest form: Organization, Line breaks are fixed to display of organization details.
– Account form: Line breaks are fixed for financial institutions, fixed UI issues.
– Notes: Image issue is fixed.
– Transactions form: Fixed UI issues.
– Organization Form: Address section in slide out panel is fixed with full width.
– People form: Fixed UI issues.
– Implemented few enhancements as per client’s feedback.
– Subscriber Info – deleted and or purged data showing up on Dashboard widget is fixed.
– Content form file upload issue is fixed.
– Task management fixes.
– Fixed Print issues under Task Management.
– When you quick  add a person, same person gets added twice when added through different entity.
– Reports: Type – Shows Loading when you edit form and attached files do not get saved is fixed now.

V 1.30 07.15.22 (Released July 15, 2022)

New Features:
– Connection Diagram: Display of entity name under connection diagram instantly.
– Backup email setup: All emails will be sent to support email as BCC.

Reset Password functionality:
– Stabilization with URL issue fixes.
– Reset password will open in same window.

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– Address Form:  Map pop-up usability issue.
– Item of Interest Form: Vehicle subtype for Aircraft rename from TAIL to AIRCRAFT
– Permissions: When a field is restricted view, then the data should not be visible from that record even from drill down.
– Private Travels Form: Travel information sequence on child embeds.
– Transaction Form: DRUG and fixed subtype issue.
– File import maps- Removed create and edit permission from file import maps module.

Reset Password:
– On reset password, it will not open a separate window.
– Reset password is working with URL issue fixes.

On All MyQtis subtenants:
Slide out Panel fixes:
– Account form: Section alignment issues fixed.
– Commercial Travel form: Alignment issue fixed under Travel Type & Purpose of Trip.
– People Form: Alignment issue fixed under First Call or Message Source Type and First Call or Message Source.
– Organization Form: Address section UI issues fixed.
– Package Tracking form: UI issues fixed under sender and receivers Organization details.
– Package Tracking form: UI issues fixed under content section.
– UI issue fixed for export button.
– Transactions Form: Commas (,) and $ signs are missing from panel is fixed.
– Fixed text formatting and button alignment UI issues.
– Subscriber Info: Deleted and or purged data is showing up on dashboard widget is fixed.
– Slide out panel functionality issue fixed for team contact/shift log/case management.
– Subscriber Info: Deleted and or purged data is showing up on dashboard widget is fixed.
– Permissions: When a field is restricted view issue for drill down is fixed.
– File import maps: Removal of Create and Edit permission from file import maps module.

V 1.29 06.30.22 (Released June 30, 2022)

New Features:
Link Analysis feature:
– Add a green ring around nodes.
– Case connection diagram parent node highlight.
– Implicit / Explicit drop down in connection diagram.
Slide-out panel hover feature:
– Slide-out panel Hover Feature on all forms.

 Fixes/ Enhancement:
– Tenant Automation – Cash Subtype & Time Sheet Services Server Error Issue.
– Fixed ‘Login As’ button error.
Slide Out panel:
– Fixed UTC formatting issues on the date.
– Image distortion issue fixed.
– Tags at the bottom in full width.
– UI issues- When a user is entering Large data in the Fields then data getting merged to each other is fixed.
– Record created date is showing correct value on the slide-out panel.
– Correct data is showing for note when the user adds large data in note.
New Tenant login:
– Showing ‘UNDEFINED’ in global search is fixed.
– Item of Interest form – Device subtype – is saving the record now.
– Social Request – Sender Device gives error when user try to save is fixed.

– Nodes are now reflective of what the original icons are on the main screen.
– Fixed drill down issues.
– Able to expand the connection.

Calendar control issues:
– Upon switching calendar view, it will stay at the day/time that the user has selected; if none is selected then the default of today’s date and time would remain in view.
– Calendar events: For the same-day calendar event, it will not post entries start date, end date.

Source issues:
– When the Source Type is Other source then unable to edit the source record is fixed.

Type-ahead fields:
– For field Zip Code, when adding values from typeahead, in form Zip Code, it will automatically fetch the value for fields, ‘Country’, ‘State’ and ‘City’.
– When adding a new city, state and country values should be fetched from previously added values.

Transaction form:
Drug Form: Cash or trade section saved data will be  showing after saving the whole form.
Warrant Form:  Showing correct validation message for the smaller end date.

– User can save an empty child section when the child section field is not mandatory.
– Commercial travel child embed value will persist when the embed is saved.
– Address form title field issue is fixed.
– In drill down grid- arrest form records will be showing up on the grid.

Automated Tenant:
– Reset password for a new tenant is working.
– While clock in when we enter input in starting odometer field, it is showing an entry in distance field and it is negative is fixed.
– For new tenant created fixed form display issues as per permissions.
– In the services form under the client billing module, the file count is showing up correctly in the grid.
– Able to save the form after deleting the connection.
– Correct icon displayed for all forms in connection pop up of team contact form.
– Form level audit trail is working .
– Team Contact- time is not getting cropped now in the audit trail bubble.
– Removed Name Variation under HELP menu on left.

 Know issues:
Team contact:
– Vehicle form icon missing.
– Connection popup issue for Calendar form and a team contact form.

Address form:
– Import of occupant access type and access type description is not reflecting data in grid.

– Performance issue while searching the data in the connection pop-up.
– Connection diagram cancels functionality not working.
– Drill Down – Need a way to distinguish implicit from explicit connections.
– Save expansion levels. 

Global Search :
– Search results loading issue.
– Letter-oriented results while searching.

Other issues:
– Permission issue:  Allowing access as per color matrix maintained.
– Chat: Need to automate the server restart of chat and to monitor the chat server.
– Auto logoff of the user after the closing of the browser.
– Number fields in various forms like Account Number/Phone Number.
– Phone number form- the title field for the phone number form in the grid is hidden.
– Amount Field Issues in various forms – values with decimals, reflection in grid.

– Repeat event – delete functionality is not working as expected in the ‘This and future ‘.
– The event is not created when a user enters a large event title.
– Clock in/Clock out – random data is getting displayed on the duration field.
– Data in the tooltip is getting merged with other controls (bubble, edit icon) on mouse hover.
– Drilldown – relationship display in drill down for the forms.
– People – social media child list is not showing text for username.
– Performance: CRUD operations, save record, may have performance issues.

V 1.28 06.14.22 (Released June 14, 2022)

New Features:
– Team Contact: Audit trail add tool tip for date.
– Separate Timesheets from Client Billing.
– Account Form: Owner child embed should show ‘Owner’ on drill down in link reason.
– Login As button is not visible when user is Disabled.

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– Auto Fetching of City/Country/state in for zip code.
– Deleted tenant available in search issue.
– Form list in Permissions & Case Management.
– Sequence of forms in alphabetical order issue.
– Transaction records: Connection bubble loading issue.
– Forms: Horizontal scrolling & text merging with edit icon issue.
– Deletion of filled data while click on (+) in child.
– People form: Form loading issue.
– Connection popup search count issue.

Bulletin case display in grid issue.
Team Contact- the audit trail bubble overlapping issue.
Services and Expenses – loading issue for receipt and file upload.

Bulletin form:
Display of Blank (white screen) after opening bulletin form.

V 1.28 05.31.22 (Released May 31, 2022)

New Features:
– Security feature: Database Encryption
– Address form: Added map icon for showing up full address in map pop-up.

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– Team contacts Grid: Display user’s details related to Case and team contact records.
– Subscriber info form: Adding new record with existing details then it will merge and update existing.
– All Forms Grid: Horizontal Scrolling UI issue.
– Exported file: File column will show file count data.

People form:
Name mentioned sub form: Remove Age field.
Name mentioned sub form: Removed extra space after connection section.

– All forms: Connections Section is showing up for all forms.
– Content form: Icon is showing up.
– Connection pop-up: Team contact data is showing up.
– IOI form: Drug child embed: Show 2 value after the decimal for quantity field.

Connection section:
Updated logic for Add link.
Updated logic for connection reason.
Added duplicate record validation while adding any connection.
Updated logic of relinking any connection after deleting it.

Known issues:
– Chat: Chat server is not working.
– Importer issues.
– Global search issues.
– Bulletin form- Cases is not showing up on the bulletin form under case dropdown.
– Drill down is not working properly for some of the forms.
– Address form is facing issues related to latitude and longitude fields when a user enters negative values.
– Amount field: It is not behaving properly.
– Connection: Facing count and performance issue while searching in connection pop-up.

V 1.27 05.18.22 (Released May 18, 2022)

New Features:
– Broadcast Email: Functionality to deliver and customize emails to users.
– Salted password hashing: Added a security in password to add random strings while storing in DB.
– Added a validation message when account is disabled after 90 days of no use.
– Added badges to the form names in the left panel to indicate how many were selected in the connection pop-up.
– Added the ‘i’ icon in all the grid to display description related to connection bubble.
– Notification popup: Added the hover feature for the notification description on notification pop-up.
– Email: Added a feature to trigger email for role assignment.

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– Updated icons of forms on connection pop-up.
– Audit trail bubble issue on grid.
– Able to quick add any data in source child embed.
– After child save data will be showing up on the form.
– Export file showing html tags.
– Issue related to the filter as we need to do refresh after removing the filter.
– Timesheet clock-in and clock-out issues.
– Audit trail in user activity log.
– Left panel issue of not showing forms.
– Audit trail grid showing user activity log data.
– Left panel home module not showing up.

Known issues:
– Chat messages not being displayed to other users.
– Importer issues.
– Global search issues.
– Bulletin Form: Cases are not showing up on the bulletin form under case dropdown.
– Drill down is not working properly for some of the forms.
– Address form is facing issues related to latitude and longitude fields when a user enters negative values.

V 1.27 05.04.22 (Released May 5, 2022)

New Features:
– Email template change for forgot password.
– Kloojj integration.
– Updated super admin email template.
– Added a feature to preview HEIC format images.
– Added feature to deliver email to all users during scheduled downtime.
– Feature to show alert message when role access permission is changed for any user.
– Added email for Role assignment.
– Admin Panel: Removed the login as button for the user whose password is expired.

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– User activity log: Added login action.
– Forms access duration feature under audit trail.
– File child embed: Edit is not working.
– Exported file is showing HTML tag in arrest form.
– Left panel: White highlighter design changes.
– Forms Module: Connection pop-up fixes with case specific forms issue.
– Removed pencil icon (edit) in audit trail grid.
– Timesheet: Clock-in and Clock-out not working properly.
– Left panel: Fixes issue of not showing forms.
– Audit trail grid is showing user activity log data.
– Left panel: Home module not showing up.
– Fixed file count issue on grid.

Known issues:
– Grid UI Issue: when scrolled to the right on the grid and if the user edits the record the grid will re-adjust and go to the front again.
– Address form is facing issues related to latitude and longitude fields when a user enters negative values.
– People: When you quick add a person, the same person gets added twice when added through a different entity.
– Chat messages not being displayed to other users.
– Importer issues
– Global search issues.
– Bulletin form: Cases not showing up on the bulletin form under case dropdown.

V 1.27 04.05.22 (Released April 5, 2022)

New Features:
– Handing disabled user.
– The disabled user’s session ends immediately.
– If a logged-in user is disabled then an alert pop-up message will display and the user will be auto-logged out from the system from current session.
– Audit trail updates.
– Added form access duration action on audit trail.
– By default, the case is set to ‘All’ for the audit trail.
– The user gets auto logged out on closing the browser.
– Disable the user account after 90 days of in-activity.

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– Left Panel: White highlighter design changes.
– Login page: Cleaned up console error messages.
– Saving file while uploading is in progress, it will show alert pop-up message.

Known issues:
– Grid UI Issue: when scrolled to the right on the grid and if the user edits the record the grid will re-adjust and go to the front again.
– Address form is facing issues related to latitude and longitude fields when a user enters negative values.
– People Form: When you quick add a person, the same person gets added twice when added through a different entity.
– Chat: messages not being displayed to other users.
– Bulletin Form: Cases is not showing up on the bulletin form under case dropdown.
– Setup password email: when the user tries to set up password, it gives “Error resetting password” message.

V 1.27 02.25.22 (Released February 25, 2022)

New Features:
– Preview icon hover added a default text when the description is not available
– Updated top bars icons
– User activity log added login and logout action

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– All forms title field update: Updated separator from Comma to Pipe symbol
– Import mapping updated parent field name
– Audit trail – tenant specific fixes
– Added source embed in some of the forms where they were missing
– Importer fixes
– File child embed edit feature

Known issues:
– Closing browser is not logging the user off
– Home widget warrant event issues
– Grid UI issue when scrolled to the right on the grid and if the user edits the record the grid will re-adjust and go to the front again
– Address form is facing issues related to latitude and longitude fields when a user enters negative values
– When you quick add a person, the same person gets added twice when added through a different entity
– Importer issues
– Chat messages not being displayed to other users
– Setup password email – when the user tries to set up his password, it gives “Error resetting password”

V 1.27 01.31.22 (Released January 31, 2022)

New Features:
– Save and Save & New feature in edit mode on all forms
– Email template change for Forgot Password, Reset Password, Case Assignment, and New User Registration
– Added image preview under file section
– User Form- added terminated checkbox and terminated date field with validation to disable user account
– Files image preview should open preview when user clicks on image

Fixes / Enhancements:
– Audit Trail- Tenant Specific
– Updated note details – Author: User / Date / Time stamp in all note sections
– Updated title fields for all the forms when concatenating values
– Sending of an email when user updates email ID under the user form
– Added source embed in some of the forms where they were missing
– Updated fields and column position under form and grid for files
– Importer fixes

Known issues:
– Import map needs an updated label for some of the parent fields
– Address form tabbing off text fields is not working properly on a few text fields
– Print connection in full screen mode connection diagram is getting cropped while printing
– Address form is facing issues related to latitude and longitude field when user enters negative values
– Importer issues are still pending

V 1.26 10.29.21 (Released October 29, 2021)

New Features:
– Single save of child records
– Add or Remove Case Chart
– File section view functionality
– File: Preview & Download buttons added
– New icons for all module
– Blue fusion link on people form
– Restrict Designer Access by IP
– Salted Password Hashing
– Encrypted Configuration

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– Mask phone numbers in all forms
– Clock IN/Out form functionality related fixes
– Vehicle form validations

Known issues:
– Zinatt news not showing on home
– Child embeds are not showing values when the user clicks on save
– Tabbing off sometimes user needs to tab twice
– People – Alias child list not showing text for Alias type in grid level audit trail
– Print – In full screen mode of connections print feature is not working fine
– On some of the forms cross button is not working

V 1.26 07.20.21 (Released July 20, 2021)

V 1.26 07.20.21 (Released July 20, 2021)

New Features:
– Login As
– Chat Bot Integration
– Top Bar & Home in Permissions
– Kloojj Integration on Top Bar

Fixes/ Enhancement:
– Pencil/Bubble/Audit Trail cues visible when scrolled right
– Majority print issues
– UI issues
– Bug fixes

Known issues:
– Login As – Handle conditions of expired passwords.
– Login As – Self should not have the login button.
– Zinatt news not showing on home.
– People – Social media child list not showing text for username when user clicks on save.
– Print – In full screen mode of connections, change the layout and click print, changed layout does not appear.

V 1.26 04.15.21 (Released May 10, 2021)

– Grid Resizing.
– Screen shadows overlapping.
– Ability to Print.
– Forms – Screen details.
– Admin Screens.
– Multiple forms opened.
– Password Field length Changed to 12 characters.
– Number formats.

Known issues:
– Import – Double Byte special characters
– Transactions- amount decimal places to be 2 instead of 4
– Grid does not resize to its original after cancels any record.
– Reports – With no filters Click to Generate Report: Get error.
– Zinatt news not showing on Home.
– Print – Reports – Landscape – the bottom scroll is being cut off.
– Print: Not working properly for zip code.
– Shift Log – Print – TT Number and Date does not show in Print Preview.
Administrator- Import Task- Print Not Working Properly.

V 1.26 1.27.21 (Released Feb 4, 2021)

– Filters are sorted alphabetically.
– Permissions – When the user is blocked for any form, form records are not displayed in connections.
– Change notification bubbles to RED.
– Case Audit-log implemented as Tenant specific.